Leap in time


Calling all engineers, graphic designers, entrepreneurs, marketers, professionals and students in and around Darmstadt! Are you interested in how technology can be applied to shape the future workplace? If so, we are thrilled to announce our “Cyberplant 2020” Hackathon in partnership with Invensity GmbH and Leap in Time Lab GmbH.

On May 16th (9:00 to 22:00) and 17th (8:00 to 18:00), participants will develop their own solutions and ideas for the theme „Design your futuristic office“ within 16 hours. Meet like-minded people and make new friends, develop your skills and share your ideas with experienced coaches and mentors while enjoying energizing food & drinks. More surprises are waiting for you.

Be the change – invent the future!


  1. Your rob-office assistant
    Participants should develop a working prototype of a robot assistant. We aim to simplify the work flow in future offices, Thus, the focus lies on what type of tasks could you assign your robot-pal to improve the way you want to work in the future. Should it bring you a coffee? should it take nots for you? We want you to be as creative as possible!
    Technologies available: Android Pepper Robot (Softbank), Nao Robot(Softbank), Zenbo Robot (Asus), Zenbo Junior Robot (Asus), Amazon Echo.
  2. The ultimate remote working update
    It is a fact that the future work environment won’t demand you being in an office, clustered and bored. In this challenge, participants should develop a working prototype of how they imagine taking the remote working to the next level. Virtual reality meetings, Augmented reality discussions with your team members. What do you think would be the greatest update for working out of the office?
    Technologies available: Virtual Reality Brille HTC Vive Pro, AR Holo Lens (Microsoft), Empatica arm band.
  3. Design the most futuristic office
    Participants are given the freedom to design how they think the offices in the future will look like. What facilities would you like to have around your desk? What would make you enjoy being in the office rather than home? Sketch something, create a new work flow diagram, or 3D print your ideas! From design to business and management, be as creative as you want.
    Technologies available: Robots, Smart Table w/Touchscreen, 3D printer

Hackathon Agenda